Miss Daisey

Originally we had every intention of buying a roomy 35ft fifth wheel with all the bells and whistles.  Our plans quickly changed when my parents generously offered to give us their much beloved 30 foot Airstream Classic.  Saying we were thrilled is an understatement!  The iconic Airstream has always been a favorite of ours.  It seems to represent a bygone era, a time when the pace was slower and we were less distracted.  Ironically, this is exactly what we are seeking with our newly adopted lifestyle!

BC RubyInn camp




This unexpected change in plans required us to do a bit of reconfiguring (i.e. purging).  Although it is amazing how much the Airstream stored, it still required we do one more round of purging but honestly we’ve not missed anything we were forced to leave behind (well, except maybe our art collection).  It is surprising how little we really need…our sports gear, a simple wardrobe, kitchen essentials, art and photography supplies and books.  We have to admit our books have always been a weakness.  We do, however, follow a simple key rule – one item comes in, one item must go out.

We devised a creative solution for carrying our bikes.  The guys at Rack Outfitters, in Austin TX, did an amazing job configuring our bike rack to fit perfectly on the truck’s Tonneau hard cover.  Which also carries our ski rack and maybe, down the road, a kayak.


As the new guardians of Lady Jane we strive to treat her with the same loving kindness she has had in all her previous years.  We want nothing more than to see her live on in her pristine and regal state.  She is truly a lady – graceful and dignified.

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